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Instructions - Ride Your Kicks

Riding with Anykicks

Anykicks are extremely versatile, offering  a high degree of adjustability to quickly fit a wide range of shoe sizes and can be used in three different ways to suit a variety of riding conditions and skill levels. 


1. Anykicks with Maximum Foot Retention

The preferred method for use and the reason Anykicks were designed was to allow use with normal shoes, but retaining the clipless mechanism and a near clipless level of foot retention. The adapter stays firmly attached to the footwear and the rider engages and disengages the pedal as if they were wearing clipless style shoes.

Ride Clipless with Converse

First affix the appropriate cleat to the platform and then route the straps. Next Anykicks must be firmly strapped to the riders footwear. It is helpful to envision where the cleat would normal be positioned with normal clipless shoes and try to replicate that positioning when strapping anykicks to your shoes. The straps must be firmly fastened and generally should surround the shoe around the ball of the foot. While it is not a usual occurrence, care must be taken that the strap remains tight, as disengaging with a loose strap may result in Anykicks falling off. 

2. Anykicks as Platform Pedals with Straps.

Anykicks can mimic the functionality of BMX style pedals and straps. This will not take full advantage of the clipless pedal technology, but will still provide a high level of foot retention. Method 2 is useful when specific foot wear makes using Anykicks via method one difficult.

To Use Anykicks in this fashion, simple affix cleats to the platforms and route the straps. Snap Anykicks into your pedals and adjust the strap to fit your footwear so that you can remove your shoes  from the straps without too much difficulty. Enter the pedal by flipping it over with your foot and sliding your foot through the opening. To remove your foot slide it in reverse. This action may require some getting used to but can be quickly mastered with practice.

Using them without the strap.

Sometimes it may be necessary or preferable to ride without retention, Anykicks can make doing so more comfortable and safer. Simply affix the appropriate cleat to the Anykicks platform and snap the assembly onto your pedals. You now have a wide grip enhanced platform to pedal with. It is recommended to use a fairly high level of tension to ensure that Anykicks do not come loose while in use.