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Reviews from clipless converts

Anykicks are being used in a variety of environments to make bike commuting and recreation easier. From Bike messengers to pedal powered moving companies Anykicks have become a must have accessory for cyclists who enjoy the benefits of clipless pedals. Check out what a few of our satisfied customers are saying on Amazon.com 

If you are not completely Satisfied with Anykicks return them within 6 months of purchase for a full refund.

"With the Anykicks, I can keep the clipless pedals on my bike year-round. I simply clip them in when the snow starts to fall and I can now ride my bike with heavier winter boots on." -Nick

"Exactly what I wanted!" -Nathan

"Absolutely love these!

I got tired of changing out my Shimano pedals after so many times of swapping them out I knew I was either stripping the bolt or messing up the thread. These are the perfect solution to that problem.

The big strap fits perfectly over all my shoes and are much more comfortable than the thin ones that were held up by plastic in order to get your shoe in. Plus the plastic supports on the thin stamps always kind of hurt the top of my foot after awhile on the up stroke.

The square platform is so comfortable as well. I found pedaling with these on my longer casual rides a breeze and much more relaxing on my feet.